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Addiction is not a choice!
It’s a Disease. One major Myth about people suffering from addiction problems is, they are generally understood as egocentric individuals who have made a choice to abuse their substance.
Well, I believe that is not true! Yes at first people only wish to experiment with their friends and just enjoy their life. However gradually the dependence on their substance drug, alcohol or cigarettes grows over-powering. I have worked with a Rehabilitation centre and treated over 200+ clients suffering from addictive disorders, I haven't failed to come to my notice that substance dependence often manifests in other substance-related disorders like Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders (Bipolar), Addictive Personality Disorder and very commonly seen substance-induced psychosis. There are over 13 main types of drugs (116 sub-types) and three main types of alcohol isopropyl, methyl, and ethyl, this external dopamine once entered the human body, makes an individual experience peculiar happiness, high self-confidence and extraordinary strength which people get habituated with and gradually escalate to addiction, the feeling of non-survival in absence of their substance.
People with substance dependence, often become inconsistent at work/school, Talk passively aggressively or physically violently with their partners and family member, steal money from home in order to buy their substance and much more. Addicts only need someone to understand their illness and help them fight their addiction with a non-judgemental attitude.
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