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Mahek's Approach

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Miss Pathan solely believe spirituality, body and mind make the individual’s personality, as she enjoys to work with her client’s on all aspects of their lives. She believes in giving her client’s an holistic therapy approach, not only working on their cognitive level but also on family/social life, habit/routine, eating habits and more, with an ultimate objective to help them achieve a healthy life. 

Her approach is to deliver her client’s a safe and pleasant environment but also indifferent in her approach, she is also to be constructive and assertive as required. She doesn’t encourage her clients to spend their therapy sessions lone as a mode of venting emotional frustrations but she likewise ensures the sessions are productive, in the end clients shall have a better insight on their dilemmas. Her aim is to aid her clients and teach them to deal with their stressors and disorders effectively. Furthermore, she encourages them to strive towards personal development.


Most outstandingly, unlike other conventional psychologists, Ms Mahek discourage her clients to be dependent on therapy, as an alternative she motivates her clients to be independent from therapy once they achieve their therapeutic goals, so they learn to fight their battles of life on their own, teach them to be their own therapists and if they do ever stumble in future, Ms Mahek Pathan has her doors open always. 

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